Our Story

The eyes are windows to the soul. That is why glasses are no longer just a necessity, but a statement – a medium that conveys stories, personalities, and who the person is. Inspired by the cultural diversity when our early associate lived in different countries, we place focus on different designs and collections to suit the diverse stories of authentic humans. Thus, our vision is to create handcrafted eyewear with premium quality at a fair price; to empower individuals and give them the confidence to tell their stories proudly.


We create for those with strong perspectives and unshakable visions, or even those on a journey to get there. Therefore, the 'project' in project: soul serves as a double entendre; let our projects help you project your soul. One soul at a time, to make a change in the country.



Premium yet Fair 

We insist on producing great quality products at the lowest price possible to democratize our eyewear, by eliminating all the middlemen and distributors that traditional optical retailers have. In other words, we design, manufacture, market, and ship all our eyewear in-house.


Fashion forward 

We study all trends and designs religiously to have a wide range of styles to reflect the diversity of our clientele and their stories. The result: timeless or new designs and immaculate fits that suit every personality and style.


Contact Us

PT Sumber Jaya Selalu
Jl Tanjung Duren Raya 71, Jakarta Barat
Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11470

Phone (WA only): 081218440102